The Refugee Guide

The asylum procedure explained

Welcome to the guide for african refugees in Duisburg. This guide will provide you adequate information so that you understand the whole asylum process and find your way out in Duisburg and Germany at large.


You want to seek asylum in Germany?

You will need to go to the police station or foreign office to apply for asyslum

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You need to justify your claim

In order to be granted asylum, you shall have to justify your claim in an interview

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The result of your interview

After the interview, you would have to wait for the result. The waiting time varies.

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You are recognized as a refugee

Your recognition as a refugee means you can stay in Germany and enjoy protection. The kind of stay however depends

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Your asylum is denied

If your asylum is rejected, you might be deported. However, you have the right to appeal. The appeal might be positive.

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Some important links

In addition to what you already know in the steps above, you might find the following links very helpful.

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