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Arrival App :
This app provides you quick information to help you in your first days in Germany to understand some common obligations and laws. Download the Arrival App and get to know Germany better.


The Federal office of Migration and Refugees
The Federal office of Migration and Refugees (BAMF) is the office responsible for handling asylum cases.

Municipal integration Center Duisburg :
Here you can get answers to all questions relating to asylum. You can find the Community integration center at Alter Markt 23, 7051 Duisburg. They are reachable via the number 0203-283 8111. Go to the website of the Municipal integration Center for more information.
Foreign office (Ausländerbehörde) :
There are four foreign offices in Duisburg - Center (Königstrasse 63-65, 47051 Duisburg), South (Sittardsberger Allee 14, 47249 Duisburg), West(Bismarckplatz 1 47198 Duisburg) and North ()
You can best reach them via email. Find out their email adress from this link.


Stages of the German asylum procedure :
The BAMF brochure Stages of the German asylum procedure will provide you general information of asylum stages as applicable in Germany. It complements the information found in our guide.

Guidance and assistance for refugees in Duisburg :
The city of duisburg provides a brochure Advice / Guidance and assistance for refugees in Duisburg brochure which is off relevance to all asylum seekers in Germany, irrespective of their country of origin.

Arrival centers : Integrated refugee management :
At least one arrival center exists in each of the 16 federal states of Germany. The arrival centers were created to manage the asylunm process for refugees, to reduce as much as possible the movement through different locations as could be seen in the steps described in our guide. Where possible, the whole asylum process takes place in the arrival center. The brochure Integrated refugee management provides information about the functioning of these centers.


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