The Refugee guide

Step 2 - Interview

The personal interview determines your stay in Germany. It is in the personal interview that you present the reason for seeking asylum in Germany and convince the Federal authorities to grant you refuge. You have to prepare this interview very well. If possible, seek advice from some organizations. You don't have to miss this interview, unless you have credible reasons, like being ill.
  • The objective here is to understand the reason why you fled your country, to obtain more information and to resolve contradictions. The decision-makers are familiar with the circumstances prevailing in the applicants' country of origin. The duration of an interview very much depends on the persecution which an individual has suffered and on the applicants themselves.
  • These interviews may be attended by an attorney or by a representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and by a guardian in the case of unaccompanied minors.
  • All Applicants are given sufficient time during the interview to present their respective reasons for being here. They describe their situations, tell of their travel route and of the persecution which they have endured.
  • They are obliged to tell the truth at all times and to provide any evidence which they have been able to obtain which may be photographs, documents from the police or other authorities, and possibly also medical reports.
  • Interpreters are available and minutes are also taken and translated for the applicant after the interview enabling them to add to what they have said, and to make corrections and then approve them by signing. Should there be any problems, the interview is postponed.

The following organizations might help you prepare for the interview

  • PRO ASYL - They advocate for the rights of refugees in Germany and in Europe. They also help them to apply for asylum and in investigating human rights violations.
  • The Refugee Advice Center of the Diakoniewerk Duisburg (German) - The help in all matters of asylum and residence rights, family reunion, language acquisition and, if necessary, provide advice to lawyers and other specialist services. Find them at Am Burgacker 14-16, 47051 Duisburg.






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